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Make privacy part of the customer experience.

HIPAA, GDPR, AND CCPA compliant, Kameleoon features powerful data privacy, security, and consent management features.
Data security

Brands that value privacy and security choose Kameleoon

HIPAA compliant
and ready

Kameleoon will sign Business Associate agreements (BAA) before our systems are used with any individual’s protected health info (PHI). 

We know and respect
the privacy landscape

GDPR and CCPA compliant, Kameleoon does not collect or process any personally identifiable data. Any personal data shared by the client is processed according to regulations, user consent and client instruction.

Give and gain
consent easily

Our unique and flexible user consent management feature enables clients to adapt their consent management policy according to the type of A/B tests or personalizations being carried out. 

Secure and unlimited a/b testing and personalization in one platform

Test copy, UX, funnels, or entire products for all channels and devices without sacrificing data privacy or security. Kameleoon is a powerful web and full stack platform for carrying out A/B testing and personalization on the client-side, the server-side and on mobile apps.  


one platform

Personalize when and where your customers give you consent

Visitor data linked to browsing held by Kameleoon is stored only to enable reporting and analysis. Visitors also have the ability to deactivate any experiences launched through Kameleoon. If a visitor does not consent to their data being used for personalization, they have access to a link to opt out of all forms of processing of their data.


consent management

Optimize products with personally identifiable data (PII) using Full Stack

Test new or revised algorithms (such as matching patients to doctors) or product recommendations (like highlighting relevant financial products) before full deployment. Progressively release new features with less risk using anonymous or PII data with one of our many supported SDKs and APIs.


feature flagging
GDPR isn't a tedious compliance issue that costs time and money; it is an opportunity to strengthen your consumer audience, provided you have the right optimization programs in place.
Andre Morys
André Morys
konversionsKRAFT, CEO and Co-founder

More privacy and security-friendly features

Fully compliant with the latest PCI DSS

Fully insured, Kameleoon complies with version 3.2.1 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. A/B test all pages of your purchase funnel, including credit card payment, securely, knowing that Kameleoon wipes customer banking data from storage to prevent fraud.

IAB approved for publishers

Kameleoon’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0 approval by IAB helps media brands ensure compliance around privacy and consent.


Kameleoon does not contract with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has private data centers in and out of the US and EU to keep your data compliant, confidential, and secure. We commit to the highest security standards including SSO, strict IT procedures, and regular audits against intrusions.

Real-time data collection & processing

Big Data architecture. NoSQL. No storage in cookies. Automatic management of ITP 2.3.

HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant

The Kameleoon platform doesn't collect or process any personal information as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and CCPA. The only data collected is anonymized browsing data which doesn't allow a visitor to be identified. HIPAA compliant and ready to sign business associate agreements (BAA). 

Simulate, QA, and share before going live

Preview exactly how your tests and personalizations look and function for your intended audience with our simulation tool. Share the full experience with key stakeholders for buy-in and approval.

Custom deployment options

Kameleoon supports single-tenant cloud installations and on-premises deployment options.

Dedicated environments

Create unlimited separate environments for your different products. Manage them all from one Kameleoon account.

SSO Login with every major provider

Log in to Kameleoon using Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. Our single sign-on (SSO)  makes it easier for your teams to log in while protecting your data.

Integrations and SDKs that work with your tech stack

Use your customer data


Analyze customer behavior


App and web languages


Resources to help you get started

Return on investment
Conversion rate improvement
Increased cross-sell
The Total Economic Impact™ of Kameleoon (2020 - Kameleoon KPIs on 3 years)