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Why Kameleoon delivers

A single platform for conversion rate optimization, from A/B testing and optimization to real-time personalization using AI.
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A single platform for all your conversion challenges

Activate your visitor data to maximize engagement and conversion, whatever your strategy:

A/B Testing


With Kameleoon, take a 5 step approach to conversion rate optimization success

Configure your website goals

Cart conversion, lead generation for your offline channels, or newsletter subscriptions... Start by defining the current business goal of your website.

Plan and create key actions that you want to happen on your website

Use our graphic or code editors. This could be triggering UX personalizations or creating modifications to test. Pick ready-to-use widgets from our extensive library or create your own templates with our widget editor.

Define the targets for your experience

Choose from over 40 targeting criteria when defining your campaign. Thanks to the wide range of integrations built into our open platform it is simple to connect your third-party solutions to aid the creation of targeting criteria.

Set rules for when your actions are triggered

Triggers are conditions linked to the visitor’s navigation (such as mouse out, session length, visiting specific pages or categories). When one of these defined conditions is met, the right experience is triggered.

Manage your performance with our reporting tool

Visualize, analyze and interpret the results of your experiences using our in-depth reports, which are tailored to A/B testing or personalization campaigns.

 An AI Engine to Predict Visitor Intent

Individualize the relationship you have with each of your visitors with Kameleoon

Our machine-learning algorithms calculate the conversion probability of each visitor (identified or anonymous, customer or prospect) in real-time, predicting their purchase or engagement intention.

Based on this real-time intention scoring, shown through the Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™), specific personalization actions are automatically triggered, individualizing the content, messages and offers presented to each visitor.

Our AI engine is built around three main principles:
We know the consumer is at the heart of your business. That’s why our AI calculates a conversion score for each and every visitor based on their behavior. Rather than analyzing the links between products (for instance, product B is often bought with product A, so I’m going to suggest product B to everyone who buys product A), it focuses on the correlations between each visitor’s intentions.
Our AI engine continuously analyzes the intent data of website visitors and predicts their probability of converting, tracking how it changes in real-time. This means that you trigger the right actions at the perfect moment - not after the event.
At Kameleoon, we are convinced that the value of a technology lies in the value of its uses. We don’t recommend AI to our customers just for the sake of it; we create solutions to their business challenges. Our platform was designed to adapt to all of your usage cases.

From Predictive Algorithms to Demonstrable ROI

Our AI-driven personalization solution, Kameleoon Predict™, uses machine-learning algorithms that deliver proven benefits to customers, including: 

  • Greater campaign efficiency: Automated personalization ROI exceeds that for human approaches when it comes to maximizing results, revenues and margins. 

  • Increased productivity: save time by automating segmentation or targeting work within your team.


The benefits for brands investing in Kameleoon

To highlight the benefits Kameleoon can deliver, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying Kameleoon’s AI-powered web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform.

Read the full study >

Kameleoon’s predictive personalization solution lets us target our promotional campaigns solely at hesitant visitors. Our ROI is up to three times greater than that obtained by a human approach.
Simon Berthet-Bondet
Head of Search and Merchandising

Ease of Use

Easy Set-Up

Kameleoon lets you get up and running immediately. Simply add a line of JavaScript code and a configuration without a tagging plan.


A Smart Graphic Editor

Kameleoon’s graphic editor only provides possible and probable actions for each element. You can change the text, color, product visual, CTA button size, banner, move blocks and make other modifications in three clicks without requiring any specific technical skills.

Save time, increase efficiency and prevent mistakes. 

And with our collaborative simulation mode, you can visualize your modifications in real conditions before you publish them.


A library of widgets

To effortlessly launch your campaigns, you can also pick from our library of more than 40 ready-to-use widgets (including weather, NPS, carousel and pop-in, for example).

You can quickly and easily add to this extensive library with our widget editor, which enables you to code your own templates.

“One of the arguments that convinced us to choose Kameleoon was the ease of installation and user-friendliness of the tool. When a personalization or a test is validated internally, it only takes us a few minutes to put it online from the Kameleoon platform.”
Ghita Taoujni
Ghita Taoujni
Director of Data Marketing
France TV

Technology Expertise runs Through our DNA

Kameleoon's platform is built on an architecture designed for real-time and predictive actions

Kameleoon was founded by AI pioneer Jean-Noël Rivasseau, who led our R&D team to embrace AI way back in 2012. This experience and knowledge gives us a significant edge in today’s market, enabling us to create Kameleoon Predict™, an AI-driven personalization solution that is unique in Europe.

Our architecture is the cornerstone of our technology stack and is built on the most modern infrastructure to enable real-time actions, performance, stability and reliability.


NoSQL Big Data architecture.
No storage in cookies.
Automatic management of ITP 2.3. 


With Kameleoon’s anti-flicker technology, you can guarantee a high quality visitor experience. Our script always loads asynchronously, so that it never slows web page loading and removes the flicker effect from your A/B tests. Thanks to a comprehensive set of anti-flicker technologies (JS anti-flicker snippet, use of DOM MutationObservers, etc.), there is zero risk that your website won’t load or that your visitors will see multiple variations during the same visit. 


Our loading speed is unrivalled on the market thanks to our use of TypeScript code. This enables us to increase the loading speed on clients websites and to be twice as fast as competing solutions. The weight of our script has been reduced to 30.7 KB, which guarantees our clients a seamless website experience and improved performance. 


The Kameleoon platform enables you to create and deliver experiments on all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet), regardless of the channel used by your visitors (mobile web, website, iOS or Android app). The platform is multi-site and multi-domain, so you can work in several environments and run multi-page tests regardless of the domain visited.

Global Operations

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is made up of more than 100 relay points. Your personalized experiences are automatically routed via the closed CDN to serve your visitors in real-time, wherever they are. Our data is stored in one of our Data Centers in Europe, in the US, and in Asia, guaranteeing that it will be processed in compliance with local legislation (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA). 


Map data center

An Open Platform

Kameleoon is 100% open to your wider technology stack. 

  • The entire data model is accessible through APIs both on the client side (via JavaScript) or server side. You can directly query our data lakes or run your own routines within our Spark Cluster.

  • Kameleoon integrates natively with your data ecosystem, including analytics, CRM, DMP and email solutions.

  • Our REST APIs enable the platform to be integrated in micro-services.


Data Security and Confidentiality



In its initial configuration, the Kameleoon platform does not gather or analyze any personal data, as defined by the GDPR. We solely collect anonymous browsing data, which never enables the visitor to be identified.

Brands can add existing personal information on visitors to Kameleoon from other solutions (such as CRM or DMP systems), in order to enhance the segmentation and/or analysis of results. In this case, we will process this data according to the contract between us, respecting your written instructions on how it is processed.


Visitor data linked to browsing held by Kameleoon is stored only to enable reporting and analysis. This means that if you do not use Kameleoon’s analytics tool, no data will be stored. In this case, behavioral, contextual and technical data linked to the ongoing visit will be saved in the Local Storage of each visitor’s browser and never transmitted to Kameleoon’s servers. Visitors also have the ability to deactivate any experiences launched through Kameleoon.

Additionally, if a visitor does not consent to their data being used for personalization, they have access to a link that deactivates all forms of processing of their data.

Kameleoon flexible consent management

Our unique flexible user-consent management feature enables clients to apply their consent management policy, adapted to every type of A/B test that they carry out. This enables brands to improve the visitor experience while guaranteeing GDPR-compliance, and meet user needs around privacy.

IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF)

We are continually developing our platform to support all clients when it comes to compliance. Kameleoon has achieved approved status from IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0, demonstrating that it complies with its specifications and policies. IAB Europe is the European association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem and our TCF approval helps our growing range of international media clients to ensure seamless compliance around privacy and consent.


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