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Put users at the center of your product strategy

Roll out new features or entire redesigns with confidence. Experiment with product functionality using Kameleoon’s Full Stack and A/B testing solutions.
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Feature management meets experimentation


Manage server-side A/B tests, then analyze results with client-side reports or in your preferred analytics tool.

Real-time feature

Track adoption of new features in real-time. Monitor deployment metrics and KPIs with live dashboards.

Work in all environments

Kameleoon’s unique architecture works well in complex web caching environments. No latency, no server calls.

One platform delivers three solutions

Kameleoon is a powerful web and full stack platform for carrying out A/B testing and personalization on the client-side, the server-side and on mobile apps. The single platform allows product teams to progressively release new features with less risk.

one platform

Build better products and eliminate risk

Determine the impact of new functionality development (such as sorting products by popularity vs. sorting by price) on website performance or deploy new search algorithms or product recommendations before full deployment.

build better product

Experiment server-side while enjoying client-side benefits

Kameleoon HybridTM gives you the power to run impactful server-side tests to optimize your products and services. With intuitive client-side features and plug-and-play integrations into your data and analytics tools, hybrid experiments eliminate the bottleneck created by release cycles. 

hybrid experimentation

Dedicated feature flagging to reach confidence quickly

Gradually roll out new features to targeted audiences on your website or apps. Measure the performance of product releases and validate the impact of new features with a single and unified reporting dashboard. Breakdown and filter performance reports by any metric or KPI.

feature flagging

Key features for every product team

Client or server-side, work in your environment

Fast track client-side test development using our native code editor. Or, optimize core functions and features server-side with one of our many supported SDKs and APIs.

Dedicated feature flagging

With KPI tracking and flagging baked in, gradually roll out new features to targeted audiences on your website or apps.

Simulate, QA, and share tests prelaunch

Preview exactly how your tests and personalizations look and function for your intended audience with our simulation tool. Easily share the full experience with key stakeholders for buy-in and approval.

Real-time data collection & processing

Big Data architecture. NoSQL. No storage in cookies. Automatic management of ITP 2.3. 

Global data network

With more than 100 relay points, the Kameleoon Content Delivery Network (CDN) serves experiments without any latency for visitors around the world.

CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant

Kameleoon’s unique and flexible user consent management feature enables clients to adapt their consent management policy according to the type of A/B tests being carried out.

Kameleoon understands SPA websites better.
Fletcher Young
Fletcher Young
Product Manager

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