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Making Conversions Happen
Powerful web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform for product owners and marketers.

Create Truly Individual Digital Experiences

We help you quickly and automatically tailor your website and wider digital experience to the needs of each and every one of your visitors. Learn from their behavior and personalize your offers, interactions, navigation, content and messages on all channels.

A/B Testing


Successful experimentation relies on scalable, powerful technology. Kameleoon provides us with a complete solution, from client and server-side testing to AI-driven personalization, so our clients gain fast business results from their experimentation programs.
Chris Goward
Chris Goward
Founder & CEO - WiderFunnel

What are the benefits for brands investing in Kameleoon according to Forrester Consulting?

To highlight the benefits Kameleoon can deliver, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may gain by deploying Kameleoon’s AI-powered web and full stack experimentation and personalization platform.

Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with multiple Kameleoon customers across industries including e-commerce, travel, automotive and retail about their projected results. The insights from these interviews were used to develop a composite organization to quantify the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an investment in Kameleoon.
forrester TEI Kameleoon

Use AI to predict your visitors’ intention in real-time and drive transformational revenue growth

The human brain can't predict if a visitor will convert or not - there are simply too many variables involved. This is why we use machine learning to determine conversion intent in real-time through the Kameleoon Conversion Score™. This information is priceless for your digital marketing.

Kameleoon lets you differentiate between those visitors (identified or anonymous) who need convincing and those just passing through. You can then automatically trigger the right actions to increase conversions, from purchase or subscription to lead generation.
Kameleoon Conversion Score
We are getting into an age where data is more and more relevant and being able to prove your claims is more and more important. Kameleoon platform’s responsiveness and easy scalability educates their teams to work in fast, iterative, scalable, test-and-learn environments that nurture a company’s propensity to experiment with new ideas and fosters data-driven innovation and decision making.
Edoardo Zavarella
Edoardo Zavarella, Forrester Consultant

Why Kameleoon

A Unique Platform

Activate your visitor data through a single platform for creating your A/B test and personalization experiences.

Powerful AI Engine

Kameleoon’s AI observes visitor behavior, draws correlations between visitors and measures their conversion probability in real-time.

Ease of Use

Kameleoon lets you get up and running immediately. Simply add a line of JavaScript code and a configuration without a tagging plan. Then use our graphical tools to easily design your experiences. 

Technology DNA

The cornerstone of our technology stack, our architecture is built on the most modern infrastructure to enable real-time actions, performance, stability and reliability.

An Open Platform

Kameleoon is 100% open to your wider technology stack. Kameleoon integrates natively with your data ecosystem and the entire data model is accessible through APIs on the JavaScript client or server side. 

Data Security and Confidentiality

We constantly develop our platform to ensure that the security of your data and privacy are protected.

Success Story Personalization
nearly doubled leads generated thanks to predictive targeting.




The Total Economic Impact™ of Kameleoon

[Forrester Consulting] Increase eCommerce Sales, Improve Engagement, and Personalize Websites with Ease using Kameleoon

Delivering on the promise of next-generation and real-time personalisation

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